About us

We believe healthcare should start before you get sick.

Numenor Health is an alternative to classical healthcare which is driven by sickness rather than prevention. We are a longevity-first medical service which uses advanced testing to build a comprehensive picture of your health and biological age.

Our goal is to lower your biological age by 10 years

But what does this actually mean? we don’t want to only improve numbers on a lab test. We focus on functional markers of health that people actually care about.

When we say “lower your biological age by 10 years”, we mean:

  • Physically function as well as your 10-year-younger self.
  • Lower the risk of age-related diseases by the equivalent of 10 years of chronological age reduction.
  • Improve key ageing and health markers to be equivalent to your chronological age minus 10 years.

Built by experts, fuelled by real-world experience

Founded by UK physicians trained in internal medicine, genomics and oncology, previously affiliated with prestigious medical institutions such as University College London Hospitals, the University of Manchester, the University of Nottingham and the Royal College of Physicians UK. Along with support and advice from world-renowned experts in the anti-aging field.

Our approach was built by the need for an evidence-based longevity practice. Born out of a collaboration between physicians and longevity scientists across different institutions.

Healthcare. Rebuilt for longevity

Our first location is in London, United Kingdom through a partnership with a state of the art clinic. The clinic is CQC registered, equipped with high end medical devices and staffed with the best in the industry. We also partner with sister centres to provide more specialised tests depending on the case.

We are digital first

Although we have a physical location, we’re not constrained by this. Our approach can be delivered anywhere through online appointments and continuous digital care and key partnerships.